It goes without saying that I have been entranced by all of When Rivers Meet’s previous output and ‘Aces Are High’ is no different.
It sits perfectly within their canon but suggests that they are progressing, developing and taking their music to new places that the previous albums only hinted at.

There is a distinct hard edge to the music . Aaron’s guitar work growls and spits like a beast restrained and Grace’s vocals suggest a darkness and a need that I hadn’t spotted before.

‘Infected’ leads off and the guitar line is harsh with a brutal riff, the drum beat slow and threatening, and when the vocals come in, they are almost out of focus, suggesting the infection that the title states.
The mood continues with ‘Seen It All Before’, opening with Grace calling into the void before another hard and nasty guitar riff. When she sings “You don’t know the things I’ve seen, you don’t know the things …” it is chilling.
Musically, the album is more strident, more powerful and there is a real sense on menace. Even on the softest number, ‘Golden’, opening with Aaron singing sweetly about “Blue Flamed supernova’s passing through the sky” until Grace joins him, and you realize you are listening to a breakup song. It’s a beautiful song with a sweet lilt to it and lovely harmonies but it is still about the end of a passionate affair.

It is a much darker album than ‘We Fly Free’ or ‘Saving Grace’ but I have to say that there isn’t a wasted moment on it and every one of the 10 tracks is worth listening to. As a collective they are even better.


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