‘Shut Up and Dance’ hitmakers Walk the Moon are going into “hibernation”.

In a lengthy message to fans, frontman Nicholas Petricca – who is joined by guitarist Eli Maiman and drummer Sean Waugaman in the dance rock group – explained the reason for their hiatus and teased a solo project.

He began the Instagram video: “The time has come for us to take a good, long break from touring and making records together.

“When we do reconvene, that will be a glorious day. And the truth is, we don’t know when that’s gonna be.”

The current line-up formed in 2011, though founding member Nicholas had already started the group with another name in college in 2006.

He went on: “For half of my life, this band has been the main focus of my creative love and energy.

“It is an enormous act of love to carefully lift something like this from the center of our lives and place it gently to the side, out of focus, and let it rest for a moment.”

Insisting it might not be goodbye forever, he vowed that if they ever reunite, the trio will “come back one day stronger than before.”

He continued: “It’s a choice we make powerfully, to follow our truth, to make space for new creations, for family, to serve our well-being, and in the long run, even serve the well-being of Walk the Moon.

“Like hibernation! So that hopefully you come back one day stronger than before. And honestly, it’s a choice that’s been bringing up deep emotions for all of us.”

On their special bond with their fans that has benefited both sides, he added: “Walk the Moon has been the greatest gift to me.

“This vehicle through which my pain and joy and memories and experiences have been transmitted to millions of other human beings in this magical way that gets their bodies, hearts, brains, minds, souls moving… the fact that any one of you has gotten something good and nourishing and nutritious out of that – that gives us life.”

The group have some new music on the way before they go on their break.

And guitarist Eli has “a new musical collaboration in the works,” while the lead singer is “creating a solo project universe.”

Walk the Moon released their debut album, ‘I Want! I Want!’, in 2010. Former members include bassist Kevin Ray, who joined the ‘Anna Sun’ group in 2011, before departing in 2020.

2012’s self-titled LP was the one to feature the 2011 line-up.

Their last studio album was 2021’s ‘Heights’.

Source: www.music-news.com

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