The journey to self-improvement begins with a single step, and it looks like shoppers are taking plenty of steps toward facing their shadows.

The Shadow Work Journal: A Guide to Integrate & Transcend Your Shadows came out in 2021, but it’s currently No. 1 on Amazon’s “Best Sellers in Dreams” chart. The journal promises to help “heal the deepest parts of your subconscious.”

It’s not easy setting out on a healing journey, and you don’t want to get caught diving into the deepest parts of your subconscious without the proper gear. In The Shadow Work Journal, you’ll find “everything you need to face your shadow side,” including over 30 journal prompts, guided pages to help you confront your shadows, along with interactive shadow work exercises and free space to jot down your thoughts, take notes and more.


The journal, by Keila Shaheen, opens with a “Declaration of Intent” for you to sign and solidify your commitment to the process.

What is shadow work? Your shadow is the subconscious part of your personality that’s usually hidden from the public. Your shadow side is unpredictable though, and can be “trigged in social interactions, relationships, in episodes of anxiety and sadness,” as noted in the journal. This is why shadow work is important.

Swizz psychiatrist Carl Jung is credited with coining the term “shadow” in relation to the multi-facets of the human personality. Jung, a psychiatrist, sociologist and colleague of Sigmund Freud whose interest included astrology, alchemy and quantum physics, developed a form of psychoanalysis known as analytical psychology. Through his studies, Jung concluded that the shadow can be both constructive and destructive and that humans deal with their shadows in one of four ways: denial, projection, integration and transmutation.

Journaling is major component to successful shadow work as it allows you to get your thoughts out, but it can also help get to the root of your issue. According to the Cleveland Clinic, improved mental health, self-esteem and self-acceptance are just a few of the benefits of shadow work.

The Shadow Work Journal earned a 4.3 (out of 5) stars at Amazon with dozens of customer reviews.

“This journal is a complete eye opener,” reads one review. “I’ve started my spiritual journey not too long ago, and the exercises have slapped me across the face so many times. It really does help you dive into your shadow and work with your triggers, trauma, manifestations, all of it. You will cry, you’ll want to burn this book, you’ll want to tear every page from it and scream.”

“This journal has shown me what I needed to improve in myself and the things about me I didn’t know was hidden, it’s a good journal to reflect on oneself to better themselves,” added another review while another called the journal “more helpful than 20 years of therapy.”

“It definitely is emotionally challenging,” the person wrote. “I will say it was worth all the ‘aha’ moments I’ve had working with my shadows. I’ve wholeheartedly recommended this books to friends and family.”

Ready to embark on a spiritual journey and unlock your full potential? Purchase The Shadow Work Journal below.


The Shadow Work Journal: A Guide to Integrate and Transcend your Shadows
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