No artist has ever had higher expectations for their sophomore effort than Olivia Rodrigo. The 20-year-old superstar, who attained immeasurable success with her 2021 debut album, ‘SOUR’, recently released ‘Vampire’, a heartfelt and emotionally loaded track alluding to the inconsistencies and Dracula-like tendencies of a former flame.

Bluntly, there is NOTHING not to like about this song. Having said that, a particular highlight for me is Rodrigo’s effortless, but equally effective, tempo shift from an Adele-esque ballad to a pop/rock anthem typified by its adoption of synthesizers, percussion and electric guitars. Of course, credit for this goosebump inducing transition must be awarded to Dan Nigro, the single’s executive producer. Nigro and Rodrigo’s musical relationship is no short of remarkable, in more ways than one. The two not only know each other on a personal level which, in my view, often equates to a much more organically crafted pop song, but also, have an extensive history of composing numerous chart hits. Specifically, Nigro also served as SOUR’s executive producer, meaning he can be credited with the success of ‘good 4 u’, ‘traitor’ and Rodrigo’s monster and breakthrough hit, ‘drivers licence’.

Sonically, ‘Vampire’ marks the beginning of a new chapter for Rodrigo. Whilst SOUR was a heartbreak record, ‘vampire’, the now lead single from Rodrigo’s upcoming second album, ‘Guts’ sets the tone for what will more than likely be her contrastingly ‘sweet’ and sonically joyous era. 5 stars!


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