We all have that one beauty item we can’t leave home without, whether it’s spare press-on nails or a travel-size bottle of sunscreen. Even celebrities have their own essentials they’re always carrying with them, including Olivia Rodrigo, who recently revealed the beauty essential she’s never without — and it’s a TikTok viral item.

During Vogue‘s “73 Questions with Olivia Rodrigo,” the singer answered simple, everyday questions about herself, including a query about the one item you can always find in her purse. Her response? Aquaphor. She then pulled out a travel-size tube of the product, showing it to the camera before placing it back into her purse.


Not only has this product been around for what seems like forever, but it’s garnered a lot of attention on TikTok for its multi-use capabilities and healing components. TikTok @user937461932 has even gained more than 1 million likes (and counting!) showing teenage girls lathering different versions of the product on their lips like a chapstick.

“POV: you are a teenage girl,” it reads on the video.

Commenters have even reasserted the claims with one saying, “Aquaphor is my life,” while another praised it as the “only school supplies I need.”

Keep reading to shop the Rodrigo’s go-to below.

white box with two-pack of aquaphor tubes


Aquaphor Healing Ointment Advanced Therapy Skin Protectant
$5.49 $6.09 10% OFF

This two-pack comes with double the amount of Aquaphor, but for less than $6. TikTok users and Amazon reviewers are obsessed with the product for its scent-free formula and ability to help heal dry, cracked and irritated skin. Some people even use it as a chapstick, lipgloss, highlighter and even mascara, showing off its multipurpose abilities.

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Source: www.billboard.com

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