Nova Twins want to “help other artists” like Sir Elton John and Tom Morello have done for them.

The alternative duo – who are making waves with their unique sound combining elements of rock, punk and hip hop – have already received support from the ‘Rocket Man’ legend and Rage Against The Machine guitarist, and they want to pass it on.

Bassist Georgia South told NME: “We’re just super grateful for the artists that have supported us over the years.

“It’s been incredible hearing their stories and getting advice from them. We always try to help other artists in the same way that other artists helped us…

“It’s not about being like ‘Who’s the best band?’ or whatever, it’s about working together as a unit and just creating music for everyone.”

Vocalist and guitarist Amy Love pointed out that bands should try to avoid jealousy or getting too bogged down in competiting with other artists.

She added: “It’s very easy for bands to look at other bands and be like, ‘Oh, how come they’ve got this?’

“It’s not about that, it’s just about really taking your moment and just enjoying what you’re doing and celebrating your peers as well for their wins.

“Especially in alt and rock music, we always get kind of sidelined. [But] rock is such a huge, huge influence on festivals in general or live music in general.”

Meanwhile, the duo already have some ideas for the follow-up to 2022 album ‘Supernova’ – which was their second full length record, although they think of it as their debut – but they want to take time to life their lives.

Amy explained: “We’ve definitely got some stuff cooking.

“We’re really excited about writing new music, [however] it’s really important sometimes to go away, do gigs and live your life so you’ve got something to write about. I think we’ve been doing that.”


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