The Jonas Brothers have a “very famous” surprise guest set for their Yankee Stadium shows.

The ‘Sucker’ hitmakers – comprising brothers Nick, 30, Joe, 33, and 35-year-old Kevin Jonas – will play two sold-out concerts at the home of the famous venue in the Bronx, New York, this weekend as part of ‘The Tour’, and they have something up their sleeves for fans that doesn’t even involve them.

Speaking to Variety, Nick teased: “They’re very famous.

“The surprise is going to be combination of different things that don’t necessarily include us. In other words, I will be excited to be watching this moment from backstage and seeing how the audience reacts.”

Meanwhile, Joe has joked that he’s going to bring his baseball bat with him just in case anyone decides to follow the scary trend of throwing items onstage.

First, Nick said: “It’s unfortunate these things keep happening.

“It’s important to tell everyone that it’s very dangerous to do that and it should not continue. I don’t understand it. I can’t begin to understand it.”

His brother – who is also known for the pop group DNCE – then quipped: “I’ll have my baseball bat to hit it back.”

Nick recently admitted it “can be a little strange” singing about sex with his brothers.

The group reference romps on their latest LP, ‘The Album’.

On the steamy track ‘Summer In the Hamptons’, the siblings sing: “Sex with you is like…”

Kevin began in their interview with Bustle: “It’s just natural to speak about your life and where you’re at. Like, that’s my wife and partner in crime of 13 years, you know?”

Nick, 30, then admitted: “We’re always conscious that we’re three brothers singing on stage together.

“So when we speak about sex specifically, it’s gotta be kind of a nuanced thing, otherwise it can be a little strange.”


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