BTS star Jungkook says rapper Latto’s “unique charm” perfectly suits the “overall mood” of his sexual debut solo single, ‘Seven’.

The pair have hooked up on the spicy song all about sex, and the 25-year-old star says he felt the rapper’s “liveliness” was just what the track about sexual fantasy needed.

Asked if he was happy for the ‘Big Dick Energy’ hitmaker to dial up the sex talk in such a direct way, he told Variety: “I thought it’s important that it suits the overall mood of the song, and Latto’s unique charm came through very well.”

The lyrics include: “Come here baby let me swallow your pride.

“What you on I can match your vibe. Hit me up and I’mma Cha Cha Slide… (sic)”

On how Latto, 24, came to appear on the track, he said: “I thought it’s important that it suits the overall mood of the song, and Latto’s unique charm came through very well.”

“We thought about who would be the best rapper for this summer song, and one of the producers recommended Latto. So, we reached out to her, and she gladly agreed to work together for ‘Seven’. I personally like her rapping voice, and I thought her voice adds another layer of liveliness.”

Jungkook insists he wasn’t chasing a hit when he wrote ‘Seven’, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t love it to smash the charts.

He said: “I honestly didn’t have a huge goal in mind, but since you said that, I’d be ecstatic if it becomes a ‘hit’.”

The K-Pop star went on to explain that he wants fans to see his “more mature” side with his solo tunes.

He said: “It’s my official solo debut, so everything is a challenge and feels new and fresh. Of course, I think a lot about delivering good music and performance while working on my music. But above all, as this is my first step forward in the spotlight as a solo artist, I want to show a more mature and grown version of myself.”

Jungkook also teased that he’s aiming to release his debut solo album before the end of 2023.

He said: “I’m working hard to release a solo album this year. It’s early to mention anything specific, but look forward to it!”


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