Ice Cube has given an update on the status of Kanye West.

The rapper and actor, 54, was a guest on Monday’s episode of Piers Morgan Uncensored, where he affirmed that the Gold Digger star is “doing great”.

“He’s still dealing with some people trying to hold on to his money, but for the most part I believe he’s in a good space,” the former NWA member – real name O’Shea Jackson Sr – told the British journalist.

“I think he’s learned a lot from this past year and hopefully he’ll come out better on the other side,” he added.

Kanye began sparking controversy in October 2022 for his antisemitic remarks, which saw the Runaway rapper banned from Twitter and Instagram, and dropped from his brand deal with Adidas.

Piers, 58, asked O’Shea how he felt when he saw the “crazier things” Kanye was saying.

“I felt that if he was really upset with specific people, that the message he was saying would hijack what he was really upset about and that’s kind of what happened,” the Ride Along actor replied.

“You can’t just generalise, you have to be specific. Especially if you’re taking about anybody, any race of people, you have to be specific on who exactly you’re talking about.”

Later in the interview, while speaking on cancel culture, O’Shea told the British journalist that people have to be willing to “fight for what you believe in” and “to hell with the consequences”.


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