Helena Hauff has announced her installment of the Fabric Presents mix series. It’s out September 22 via Fabric on vinyl and digitally. The 19-track collection includes mixed renditions of songs by Raavel, dynArc, Clarence G, Ran Init, and Illektrolab, among others. Below, listen to Hauff’s new song “Turn Your Sights Inward,” which opens the Fabric Presents mix, and find the full tracklist.

Although the Hamburg DJ released her Living With Ladybirds EP last fall, it’s been far longer since she rolled out a proper studio LP. Kern Vol. 5, her contribution to the Berlin nightclub Tresor’s mix series, arrived in 2020, preceded by the EP Living With Ants in 2019. Qualm, her last studio album, came out back in 2018.

Fabric Presents Helena Hauff:

01 Helena Hauff: “Turn Your Sights Inward”
02 dynArec: “Sunken Park”
03 Clarence G: “Data Transfer”
04 Slam & Optic Nerve: “Machine Conflict”
05 The Exaltics ft. Paris The Black Fu: “10 Oseco Ndstill Lmidnight (Lorenz.Orx RMX)”
06 YTP: “What U Want”
07 Turk Turkelton: “Rock It”
08 Yarn Init: “Tripcon II”
09 Signal Type: “In Abyss”
10 Illektrolab: “Overdrive”
11 Ement: “Despite of Time”
12 Raavel: “Wakalaka”
13 IMOGEN: “Granular Tears”
14 Radioactive Man: “Night Bus to Nowhere”
15 FJAAK & Tobi Neumann: “F-Zero”
16 Nite Fleit: “Naïve”
17 Magda Rot: “Alter Simus”
18 MicroControlUnit: “Save the World (MCU’s Apocalypse Mix)”
19 D-Breeze: “Crazy for Love (Autechre Remix)”

Source: pitchfork.com

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