While Grimes and Elon Musk may not be a couple anymore, the pair still co-parent their two children (X and Y) — which means they still have to have tough conversations every now and then.

In an interview with Wired on Tuesday, Grimes revealed that she and Musk had a “big, long conversation” after the X (formerly known as Twitter) CEO shared a slew of anti-trans tweets back in June.



“I was like, ‘I want to dissect why you’re so stressed about this,’” Grimes said. “Getting to the heart of what Elon says helps me get to the heart of what other people’s issues are, because it’s this über guy situation.”

The “I Wanna Be Software” singer said that in their conversation, she determined that Musk was mostly concerned about “fertility issues” caused by transitioning. “I was like, ‘OK, you don’t hate trans people, you hate woke culture. I get that it can be annoying, and you have concerns about the fertility thing. So let’s figure it out,’” she said, referring to “fertility tech” that could “help trans people” conceive. “He’s just on Twitter, and he’s unhappy with woke people, and the arguments happened.”

The incident Grimes referred to happened at the outset of June, when Musk became the subject of right-wing criticism after The Daily Wire CEO Jeremy Boreing claimed that Twitter canceled a deal to premiere Matt Walsh’s anti-trans film What Is a Woman? The CEO ended up promoting the video himself, spreading right-wing talking points by adding that “consenting adults should do whatever makes them happy, provided it does not harm others, but a child is not capable of consent, which is why we have laws protecting minors.” In a separate incident, Musk claimed that the word “cisgender,” as well as its shortened form “cis,” would be “considered slurs” on the social media platform.

Check out Grimes’ full interview here.

Source: www.billboard.com

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