A former member of Wet Leg is claiming the band hasn’t credited him for his contributions to the band.

Drummer Doug Richards – who is said to also be the ex-boyfriend of vocalist-and-guitarist Rhian Teasdale – has alleged that he co-wrote the Ivor Novello-winning indie band’s tracks ‘Oh No’ and ‘Too Late Now’.

And whilst he would like to be listed as a songwriter, he admits he’s “frightened” to ask his former bandmates in the ‘Chaise Longue’ group – also comprising Hester Chambers, Ellis Durand and Henry Holmes.

He also claims it was he and his brother that came up with the group’s name.

Doug Richards told The Times: “For years me and a couple of friends had lists of stupid band names.

“Anytime you’d think of a funny combination of words you’d write it down. One of them was Wet Book. My brother misheard me and said ‘Oh you should call it Wet Leg. Rhian wasn’t sure. Seems to have worked though.”

He admitted: “I feel frightened to try and approach the subject. But I did write [on those songs] and they are on the record. So I probably should get recognised.”

Doug added that he was allegedly ousted from Wet Leg after his relationship with Rhian ended.

He added: “I was really upset by it actually.

“I had the sense of it maybe being quite successful. I also felt like I helped to create it.”

Wet Leg are yet to publicly comment on Doug’s claims.

The band had a rapid rise to the spotlight, having only formed in 2019, with their 2021 debut single ‘Chaise Longue’ going viral and earning them a Grammy for Best Alternative Music Performance.

Everyone wants to collaborate with them, even pop veteran Robbie Williams, who told an Italian radio show: “I like this band called Wet Leg. I’d really like to work with them. I don’t know if they’d like to work with me.”

Source: www.music-news.com

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