Olivia Rodrigo feels “excited, nervous [and] proud” about the release of her new album.

The 20-year-old singer-and-actress has released ‘GUTS’, the follow-up to her 2021 debut LP ‘Sour’ and she’s expressed her gratitude for the support of her fans and the team she works with in helping her come so far in her career.

She wrote in a journal entry shared online for fans to read: “I feel so many feelings. I feel excited, nervous, proud, but mostly I feel so grateful. I feel grateful for everyone on my team who believes in me and supports me so unwaveringly.

“I feel so immensely grateful for everyone who has so generously supported me over the past few years. Thank you to everyone who has listened and streamed and been sooo kind. I owe so much to you guys and I really hope you gid these new songs.(sic)”

The ‘vampire’ singer recently revealed she had come up with the title for ‘GUTS’ “a few years ago”.

She told Hits Radio: “I am so excited that ‘Guts’ is coming out so soon. I came up with the name a few years ago, in fact before ‘Sour’ even came out, I just really liked the word, the way it looks written down. I like the way it sounds, I like how it has so many meanings.

“I hope people scream it and dance to it and I hope it helps them understand and process their feelings in some way, that’s certainly what it was for me.”

Olivia also revealed stories she sees on TikTok have inspired some of her songs.

She said: “I wrote ‘Traitor’ in my bedroom when I was very sad one day, and I actually came up with the idea for a song when I was looking at a TikTok. I saw a girl who was kind of going through a similar situation to what I was going through, and she was kind of feeling these same feelings that I had been going through for a while. For some reason watching her talk about how she felt about it gave me some clarity on how I felt.

“Super random but TikTok can sometimes be very productive – you heard it here first!”

Source: www.music-news.com

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