Amazon Prime Day is happening now, with millions of deals online, but if you’re looking for a great haircare deal, you’ll want to head over to Walmart, where you can get this Dyson hairdryer alternative for just $34.

If you’ve been following any haircare trend, you already know about the Dyson Airwrap, the so-called magic hair tool that curls, shapes and smoothes your strands using a unique airflow and gentle heat. But good hair accessories don’t come cheap, and the Airwrap is currently priced at $599 online (it never goes on sale either).

Fortunately, we’ve found a great Dyson Airwrap dupe that performs the same functions at a quarter of the price. Enter the Elecsop 5-in-1 Rotating Hot Air Brush. The silver and fuchsia colorway on the Elecsop is nearly identical to the original Airwrap, and it comes with the same attachments too. The difference: At just $34, it’s a whopping $560 cheaper than the Dyson.


Elecsop 5-in-1 Brush

This affordable Dyson dupe is making waves (no pun intended) on TikTok too, with more than 6 million views on stories about the Elecsop. TikTok users talk up the Airwrap alternative’s ease of use, lightweight construction and ability to create multiple hairstyles.

Like the Airwrap, the Elecsop Hair Blower Brush lets you toggle between warm and hot air to blow dry, comb, curl or straighten your hair. Five attachments are included, including two symmetry barrels (for curls or big waves); a smoothing brush; a round volumizing brush; and a pre-styling drying tool, which helps you quickly take your hair from wet to damp in order to prep for styling.

Of course, a cheap Dyson Airwrap dupe does have some disadvantages: In this case, users say the airflow on the Elecsop vs. Airwrap is not as powerful. And while the Elecsop has three different speed settings, it takes a little longer than the Dyson if you’re using it as a hair dryer.

The Elecsop also uses the same ceramic coating (great for preventing frizz and static) but the overall construction of the stick itself feels less durable than the Airwrap. Still, if you’re just using it at home and not tossing it around in a bag or traveling with it often, it more than gets the job done.

Already a steal at $47.99, Walmart has the Elecstop 5-in-1 Dryer on sale for just $34 now. Get the deal here before quantities run out.


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