There is a strand of music that sits in the AOR space but verges on Prog while using metal riffery. We could argue for hours about what it is but, unless it is done VERY well it is bland and soulless.
Luckily, Atlas are one of the bands that do it very well, and the new single ‘All Or Nothing’ and album ‘Built To Last’ suggest that they are moving on from last year’s hit album ‘Parallel Love’ with new ideas and no little soul.

ATLAS is Craig Wells (lead vocals), James Thorley (keyboards), Howie Little (lead guitars), Chris Redfearn (bass guitar), and Ryan Briggs (drums).
I have to say that Wells vocals are exactly what you need from a front man, and Howie Little tears out a stunning solo as well as punchy riffs.

Excellent single from a good new band


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