Spooky season is upon us which means along with thinking up a killer Halloween costume, there are various other festivities and traditions to partake in — including scary movie marathons. From jump scares to timeless horror characters like Freddy Kruger and Chucky, there are practically an endless amount of spooks and scares to look forward to this season.

Amazon wants you to get a kickstart the spooky celebration with a major scary movie sale. Like we’re talking prices slashed up to 64% (!!!). That includes Blu-ray and 4K editions, which means collectors can quite literally stock up on all their favorites to watch on repeat.


There may be plenty of affordable streaming options for cord cutters out there, but nothing quite beats a classic DVD — especially for road trips and camping excursions, then you can consider them travel necessities. Plus, they don’t require a subscription to watch, just pop it in your DVD or Blu-ray player and you’re all set.

Everything from classic horror movies like The Shining to newer releases such as M3gan are up for grabs — so prepare to be glued to your couch until Halloween night. Rather than wait from Prime Big Deals Day (happening sometime in Oct.), take advantage of these early discounts then, grab your nearest blanket, pop some popcorn and if you’re brave enough, don’t forget to turn off the lights.

Keep reading to shop some of the biggest deals below or see every movie on sale here.

black, white and red movie cover


“The Shining”
$14.99 $41.99 64% OFF

The 4K edition of this classic horror movie includes a Blu-ray and digital download of the film to take with you wherever. Plus, if you’re looking for a double-feature, consider adding this Blu-ray to your cart, which includes The Shining in addition to its sequel Doctor Sleep.

For those new to the movie, it stars Jack Nicholson who plays a father that takes his family to an isolated resort in an attempt to help with his writers block. What awaits them is terror and madness as Nicholson’s character begins to grow homicidal and his son is terrorized by eery psychic premonitions.

black and white dvd cover


“Halloween” (2018)
$13.49 $29.98 55% OFF

Fans of the cult classic can now watch the 2018 version DVD in 4K definition for less than $15 as they watch Jamie Lee Curtis’ character go face-to-face yet again with Michael Myers. This time though, he escapes from a mental institute and is set on causing chaos and death.

Want to watch them all? Snag this collection of the films from 1970-2002, so you can learn how the crazed killer got his start.

dvd cover with Elizabeth Moss


“The Invisible Man”
$10.98 $22.98 52% OFF

While this movie may be $11, it doesn’t come with budget scares. Instead, gear up for a suspense-filled film starring Elizabeth Moss (from The Handmaid’s Tale) who plays the ex-girlfriend of a crazed scientist (played by Oliver Jackson). When the scientist fakes a suicide, he sets his sights on Moss’ character and begins to terrorize her until she decides to take matters into her own hands.

dvd cover with AI m3gan doll


$13.79 $24.98 45% OFF

AI takes doll form in the movie M3gan, which sees a toy maker (played by Allison Williams) create a lifelike doll designed to be a child’s companion. Things take a turn for the worst though when Williams’ character decides to give her prototype to her 8-year-old niece and the doll begins to take its roll as protector a little too seriously.

movie cover with man outside home


$14.99 $33.99 56% OFF

Poltergeist is an oldie, but a goodie when it comes to horror movies as it brings all the timeless scares and horror. The film shows what happens when seemingly “friendly” ghosts show their true intentions. And did we mention it’s over half off?

hannibal lecter on dvd cover


The Hannibal Lecter Collection
$13.99 $24.98 44% OFF

At just $14, you can binge the entire Hannibal Lecter series including the creepy Silence of the Lambs, which features the famous “Hello, Clarice” line that still sends chills down many viewers’ backs.

clown on dvd cover


“It: Chapter Two”
$13.49 $24.98 46% OFF

Return to Derry, Maine, with the Loser’s Club in IT: Chapter Two. Now adults, the are still plagued by horrifying memories of the past. When people from their hometown start disappearing, the club joins forces again to take a final stand against the terrifying Pennywise, the clown.

Snag both films in this collectable edition and, if you’re curious about the cult classic version from the ’90s, you can rent or buy it on Prime Video here.

dvd cover with shattered glass and scenes from the movie


“Get Out”
$9.99 $22.98 57% OFF

Jordan Peele makes his directorial debut with the horrifying film Get Out, which is currently on sale for a steal at less than $10. The movie comes in three versions: 4K edition, Blu-ray and a digital download. Fans of Peele can also collect all three of his movies in a collectable Blu-ray edition that includes Get Out, Us and Nope.

You can expect to follow a couple (played by Daniel Kaluuya and Allison Williams) as they go to visit the girlfriend’s parents. Once there, Kaluuya’s character tries to dismiss her parent’s overly accommodating behavior as a way to deal with their daughter’s interracial relationship. That is until he begins to unravel disturbing secrets about her family and their true nature.

dvd cover with joaquin phoenix on front


$14.99 $24.99 40% OFF

Discover the origin story of Batman’s greatest nemesis: the Joker. The movie is currently 40% dropping it down to less than $15. You’ll be able to watch Oscar-winning actor Joaquin Phoenix in 4K definition as he starts his disturbing journey into becoming one of the most chilling villains Gotham City’s superhero has ever had to face.

Curious how Batman gets his start? You can also snag the The Batman on Blu-ray for 48% off and get all caught up before the Joker sequel hits theaters soon.

Looking to stream these horror flicks too? Prime Video and other streamers such as Shudder and AMC+ have a wide selection of spooky offerings that’ll keep you busy. Most of the movies up above can be found on streamers as well as access to streamer-exclusive content you won’t find on DVD. Prime Video also offers premium channels you can add on to your subscription, which will widen your offering of scary movies.

Shudder on Prime Video
$6.99/month after 7 days free

Films you can look forward to watching include The Call, Children of the Corn, Halloween, Mayhem, Stay Out of the Attic, Possession, Leave, The Babadook, Host, The Medium, Quicksand, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and more.

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Source: www.billboard.com

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